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PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2017-01-25
5 / 5 stars
Extremely big dog friendly!!!! Penny & Pepper had their very first stay at Petsuites/Worthington during Christmas and I am very happy with everything!! I have a 2yr old English mastiff and a 9month old English Mastiff/great Dane mix. Anyone with super large, pony-sized breeds know how hard it is... Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-11-14
5 / 5 stars
Treat my dogs like their own Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-10-18
5 / 5 stars
Great place to leave your dog for one or more days, very clean facility, lots of care options Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-10-10
5 / 5 stars
This place is excellent when compared to Petsmart found in the vicinity, which is overpriced and the groomers can't follow directions. Prices here are pretty reasonable and you get top notch treatment on your dog. Can't comment on the Kenneling services, but their pricing on these services seems... Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-08-01
5 / 5 stars
Great place for pets to stay when you're out of town. The staff is attentive and friendly and the whole facility is spotless! I definitely recommend them for boarding. Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-06-14
5 / 5 stars
I have used Pet Suites, Worthington for boarding and grooming for many years. The have employees that care about the animals and provide excellent care. They took care of all four of my dogs and my dogs enjoyed going there. They also provided affordable care, especially when taking into... Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2016-01-25
4 / 5 stars
Friendly staff and clean interior Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2015-05-29
5 / 5 stars
PetSuites is the BEST boarding facility we have ever used for our furry kids, Scarlet and Lucy! One of the first things I noticed was how clean it looks and smells! The kennels offer tons of space with doggy doors for our pups to run through to the other side (unlike other places that just have... Read More >
PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa
Date published: 2013-08-26
5 / 5 stars
I have been taking my Husky mix dog to doggy daycare at Petsuites for 3 months. He loves the group play and pool time! My high energy dog comes home tired which makes his energy much more manageable at home. The facility is always spotless and odor free. Everyone who works there that I have... Read More >

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PetSuites is the BEST boarding facility we have ever used for our furry kids, Scarlet and Lucy! One of the first things I noticed was how clean it looks and smells! The kennels offer tons of space with doggy doors for our pups to run through to the other side (unlike other places that just have metal crates). The staff are highly respectable professionals who have treated my pups as their own each time we visit. They keep a running chart to track the pup's behavior during their stay, and give me a full report when I come to pick up. They also provide grooming services, teeth cleaning, and different types of play time, which is so convenient! Talk about "bang for your buck!" I want to note that the General Manager, Rachel Mosley, is unlike any professional I've ever met before - she is respectful, intelligent, and always has a smile on her face. She genuinely cares about all of the clients and furry guests, and that is reflected in her care of our pups. It's comforting to know that there is a strong supervisor on watch while my pups are away from me. Scarlet and Lucy just love her and all the other staff! An animal will tell you through their behavior how they feel about something. I've been to kennels where my dogs are shaking when I drop them off and pick them up. Lucy and Scarlet are smiling and bouncing all over the place for joy at PetSuites! Lucy actually pulls on her leash to go back to their kennel! "See ya later, Mom!" Clearly, I can't say enough good things about PetSuites

–Joanna Little, Scarlet & Lucy

Petsuites is the best kennel we've been to yet! From the beginning, we loved the detailed tour and cleanliness of the facility. They provide food and clean the kennels every time the dog leaves for group play or for potty breaks. Whenever we call, they know exactly who our dogs are and are so excited to have them back! I agree with the other reviews they feel like our dogs are their dogs and we are all family. We also love hearing the details of their visit when we pick them up. Each time one of them has a new friend "girlfriend/boyfriend as we call it". I think our dog Llyod is buddies with Lola below! We have Lloyd, Harry and Violet who cry and jump around as soon as we say "we're going to the Hotel!". Thank you Petsuites for your extraordinary service!

–Scott Huffman, Lloyd, Harry & Violet

I have been taking my Mini Aussie to the High St location for about 6 months now. I live fairly close to this new location which is extremely convenient. The staff have always been wonderful. My dog is a rescue and is very skittish of new people, but she always seems to do just fine whenever I bring her to either of these locations. Very happy with all my experiences with them so far.

–Zach Larson, Emily

We use PetSuites for boarding, grooming, and day care (now that they have earlier hours)and are consistently pleased with all services. Staff is friendly and professional; dog is happy to go and happy (not stressed) when she comes home. We continue to use Pet Suites and highly recommend them.

–Veronica Miller, Sheba

Calling them a kennel doesn't really do justice to the service they provide. I checked PetSuites out before taking my dog and was very pleased with how clean, spacious, and well lit the facility was. I've taken my dog there several times and I've always been happy with the care she receives. In addition to regular potty breaks, you can schedule playtime for your pet, either with other dogs or by themselves with one of the staff; they have a pool so the dogs can play in the water during the summer. They even have bird feeders set up outside the windows of the cat boarding room so they have something to watch. They seem to have thought of everything.

–Andrea Doty, Maggie

Their facility is very clean and the staff is fantastic. We use their daycare services regularly and our dog loves his playtime and playmates. They have high fencing and concrete around the grounds so no jumping over or digging out! There is a great pool area for your pet to run and play with friends. We work long hours so this provides our dog with lots of exercise and burns off that excess energy he gets by being home long hours by himself. I can't say enough good things about the entire experience.

–Patricia Wagener, Daisy

My dog Max has been a frequent visitor to PetSuites for the past 3 years. They have always treated him very kindly and given playtime when promised. He is always very excited when we get to PetSuites which is a strong indication that he loves it there. The staff is always professional and very good with our timid pup!
We have used their grooming service frequently as well and that has also gone very well!
This is our favorite kennel that we have tried in the area!

–Desiree Kostelnick, Max

We were in need of a kennel for the weekend on short notice. Our regular place was full, so I started looking on line and found Pet Suites of America. Cathy was very helpful on the phone and I went out to see the facility since they had an opening. I was very pleased with the set up of the facility and the tour. It is light, clean, and airy. Most kennels I've seen are dark, closed in, and dreary looking. I felt very comfortable using this facility. The town home we reserved included a two hour group play time which made the cost right in line with another boarding facility we use with a similar set up. Cathy told us about the online coupon for first time boarders which allows for one free night, so we boarded for two nights, but only paid for one. Our pups seemed very happy when we picked them up and were very calm on the ride home. Everyone with whom we had contact was extremely professional and personable. Although our regular place is 10 minutes away and this one is 30 minutes away from our home, it would be worth the extra drive to use them again.

–Carrie Pitt, Jango & Vetrus

We boarded our 9 yr. old dog for five days. We are very picky about where we leave our dog. Pet Suites is a very clean place, very willing to accommodate individual preferences of its clients and is staffed by extremely friendly and competent staff. Our dog was happy and well cared for. We will definitely be using Pet Suites the next time we need to board our dog.

–Nancy Alden, Tessie

I frequently board my 13+ yr old golden; he's a sweetie. This is the only place he has been boarded where he doesn't smell like a kennel when I pick him up. They have actually even washed his bed that I bring in! More importantly, Luke ( my golden) is on medications. I requested to know when the meds were administered and they gave me a detailed listing of when they were administered and by whom. They had me with that! Very friendly and accommodating staff!

–Deb Naymick, Luke