Daycare Activities

Our Daycare is not "one size fits all." We offer both group and individual play so that all dogs are welcome. Our feline friends can choose between a variety of individual playtimes with a loving pet care team member. Daycare includes two playtimes each day. Please choose from the following:

Canine Playtimes

Group Playtime: up to 2 hours with a group of party animals!

Individual Playtime: 15-20 minutes outside in their own play yard

Love Me Tender: 15-20 minute individual playtime includes cuddle-time with a playtime associate

Skinny Dip: 15-20 minute outside swim time – May through September

Feline Playtimes:

Our feline daycare includes a choice of two of the below activities. Our pet loving staff will provide toys and attention for each two sessions lasting 15 - 20 minutes per activity.

The Lap Cat: For our furry friends that are purrfectly content with cuddle time. Purrfect for our shy, calm or shall we say... needy.... guests.

Frisky Feline: Does your kitty love to jump? Love to climb? Let's get ready to play!

Jacques CATseau: For those cats with boundless curiosity and energy. Our spacious cat room has got lots of nooks and crannies for your noisy little friend to explore.