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While we try our best not to leave our furry companions alone, sometimes it’s unavoidable. We understand how hard it can be to look into those sad puppy eyes when it’s time to leave, but did you know there’s a way to avoid those tearful departures? Find comfort in knowing that at Petsuites of Louisville, Kentucky, your pet will continue receiving love and affection as if you never even left!

After just one stay with us, whether it’s just for the day or a couple of nights, your furry friend will be waggin’ their tails for more! As pet lovers and owners ourselves, we realize it’s the small things that matter when it comes to your pet’s happiness. It’s time to say goodbye to those big, sad eyes, and say hello to a 5-star luxury getaway!

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    Give your pets the very best in luxury pet boarding with PetSuites in Louisville, Kentucky! Let them enjoy a full resort experience by relaxing by our dipping pool, taking long walks on the grounds, and even getting pampered at our PetSpa!

     WeightSingle DogDouble DogTriple Dog
    Small Suite 3x10<35 lb.$29.00$43.50$58.00
    Medium Suite 3x1335-85 lbs.$31.00$46.50$62.00
    Large Suite 4x1485-250 lbs.$33.00$49.50$66.00
    X-Large Suite 5x14>250 lbs. $35.00$52.50$70.00
    Townhouse 6x8<60 lbs.$50.00
    Penthouse 8x12>60 lbs. $56.00$84.00$112.00
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo 36 CU. FT$20.00$30.00N/A

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    Does your pup get in a hyper tizzy when there is a large group of people in your home? We’ve all been there! Whether you are having a party, heading out to work, or just need a day to relax, you can have peace of mind knowing your pup is always top dog at PetSuites!

     One Dog Two Dogs Three Dogs
    One Visit Any Size $22.00$33.00$44.00
    10 Visits Any Size - Package$205.00
    20 Visits Any Size - Package$380.00
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo (max. 2)$16.00$24.00N/A

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    Who says going to the groomers has to be an unpleasant experience? Indulge your furry friends with a trip to our PetSpa! From our signature full-package grooming services to a shed free brushing, your pet will leave looking like true royalty!

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    New Programs!

    Whether your furry friend is a young puppy or a wise older dog, we have two NEW special programs designed exactly for their needs. Check out the details of Puppy Preschool and Golden Oldies below. No matter their age, they’ll be kept happy, safe, and thoroughly entertained during their stay!

At Puppy Preschool, dogs between the ages of 3 and 6 months learn basic manners and social skills, with lots of time for fun. The program helps teach:

Socialization: Multiple playgroup sessions build confidence, and teach them the proper way to interact with other puppies.
Housebreaking: Several potty breaks throughout help keep them clean and reinforce all important housebreaking schedules.
Etiquette: Yes, etiquette. Proper puppy manners are reinforced through basic, consistent commands. Sit, stay, leave it, no barking, no nipping, no jumping, walking on a loose leash and more!
Problem-solving: Interactive games and toys keep them mentally stimulated.
Relaxation: This one isn’t hard to learn, but nap-time is essential for growing pups. Cozy crates are set up for all important down time to help recharge those batteries while resting in a private space all their own.
This can be added on to a puppy boarding overnight stay or as a part of a puppy daycare session.

Exclusively for dogs 8 years and older, the Golden Oldies program provides seniors a stress-free environment with plenty of entertainment and mental stimulation. Highlights include:

“Love Me Tender” Cuddle Sessions: Extra hugs and rubs from the staff.
Frequent Walks: Fresh air and exercise to keep that circulation going and their minds stimulated. Ideal for seniors who need frequent bathroom breaks.
Deluxe Accommodations: Raised beds with ultra-soft mats provide extra cushion for those aging joints.
Room to Stretch: Two-room suites to spread out and get comfortable.
Meal-time: Up to three meals a day!
This can be added on to a overnight boarding stay or as a part of a daycare session.


I have been very happy with the Louisville Petsuites, my dogs always seem to have the best of care and the employees are the great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Diane R.

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