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When you’re getting ready to go out of town, you’re not the only one who stresses out! Leaving town for a week or simply just going to work during the day can make your pet anxious, forcing them to act out in ways that you may find less than desirable. When you choose to board with PetSuites in Columbus, Ohio, there’ll be no more ruh-roh moments for you or your pup to worry about!

You want only the best for your four legged friends, and we do too! That’s why we’ve built the perfect environment for your feline or canine companions to relax while you’re away. Climate controlled rooms, soft wool blankets, windows for sunbathing, and toys for fetching are just some of the upscale amenities you’ll find in our luxurious pet suites. Whether they’re here for the week or just getting a haircut, we treat your family like they’re our own!

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    Friendly old hounds and young lively kittens both have their place at our extensive boarding facilities. Whether your pet loves being alone or leading the pack, we’ll provide everything to make sure they feel right at home!

     WeightSingle DogDouble DogTriple Dog
    Small Suite 3x10<35 lb.$28.00$42.00$56.00
    Medium Suite 3x1335-85 lbs.$31.00$46.50$62.00
    Large Suite 4x1485-250 lbs.$34.00$51.00$68.00
    X-Large Suite 5x14>250 lbs. $36.00$54.00$72.00
    Townhouse 6x8<60 lbs.$41.50
    Penthouse 8x12>60 lbs. $47.50$71.25$94.50
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo 36 CU. FT$20.50$30.75N/A
    Cat Villas$28.00$42.00$56.00

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    Restless pooch sitting at home? Let them tap into their wild side at doggy daycare! Under our supervised care they can get the exercise and socialization they need to return home ready for a long night’s rest!

     One DogTwo DogsThree Dogs
    One Visit Any Size$28.00$42.00$56.00
    10 Visits Any Size - Package$250.00 ($25.00/day) $375.00 ($37.50/day)$500.00 ($50.00/day)
    20 Visits Any Size - Package$470.00 ($23.50/day) $705.00 ($35.25/day)$940.00 ($47.00/day)
     One DogTwo DogsThree Dogs
    One Visit Any Size$24.00$36.00$48.00
    10 Visits Any Size - Package $220.00 ($22.00/day) $330.00 ($33.00/day)$440.00 ($44.00/day)
    20 Visits Any Size - Package$410.00 ($20.50/day) $615.00 ($30.75/day)$835.00 ($41.75/day)
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo (max. 2)$16.00$24.00N/A
    Cat Villa (max. 4) $23.50$35.25$47.00

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    Nail trim, shampoo, haircut – no, this isn’t a day at the spa for you, but it sure is for Fido! Pets deserve to feel fresh and fabulous too, and a trip to our PetSpa will most certainly do the trick!

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They are amazing! My little man loves going to doggy daycare here. The staff knows him by name. They want him to have the best time while his daddies are at work. Highly recommend them for daycare, boarding, or grooming!

Nick R.

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