Boarding Activities


Canine Playtime Menu

Whether your pet is a party animal or a couch potato, he or she will appreciate some special time with one of our Pet Care staff. Our guest activities are reassuring for both first-time guests and older guests and are a great way for those who are more active to burn off extra energy.

Individual outdoor play times are approximately 15 minutes in length. Group play times are up to 2 hours in length.*In order to participate in group play each dog must be neutered/spayed and pass a 2-part evaluation (There is no charge for this evaluation).During inclement weather, we may modify activities to better service our guests. Below is a sampling of our fantastic playtimes!

**Don’t forget, if your dogs are sharing a room the second and third pet’s activities are discounted 50%!

Canine Playtimes

Group Playtime: (up to 2 hours) -$9.00

Individual Playtime: (15-20 minutes) - $9.00

Love Me Tender:(15-20 minutes) cuddle-time - $9.00

Skinny Dip: 15-20 minute outside swim time – May through September $9.00

Furry Facts Pack: – A Photo and Email Update w/a Playtime Purchase - $10.00 + Cost of PlayTime

Additional Potty Breaks: (noon or pm) - $5.00

Snacks (One Per Day): Peanut Butter Pupsicle, Pumpkin Paw Print, Doggie IceCream - $4

Canine Value Activity Packages

Howling Good Time: - $15.00

  • One Group or Individual Playtime,
  • One Snack and an Additional Evening Potty Break

Pawsitively Pampered: - $20.00

  • Two Group or Individual Playtimes
  • One Snack and an Additional Evening Potty Break

Top Dog All Inclusive: (Includes 4 outdoor potty walks) - $28.00

  • Includes 4 outdoor potty walks
  • Afternoon group or individual playtime.
  • Additional afternoon cuddle or exercise time.
  • Afternoon Snack and Tuck-in Service, Complete w/Extra Evening Potty Break and Dental Treat.

Feline Playtimes

Feline Playtime Menu

Don’t forget, if your pets are sharing a room the second and third pet’s activities are discounted 50%!

Individual Playtime: Individual Playtime (15 – 20 minutes) - $9.00 each

Furry Facts: - Photo report card and Email Update - $10.00 ea + Cost of PlayTime

Feline Value Activity Packages

Cat's Meow: - $12.00 each

  • Individual Playtime or Cuddle Time
  • Gourmet Snack of Tuna & Treats at bedtime

Please note the following: 

  • Please limit playtimes to three per day so that everyone can have fun!
  • On major holidays, we limit playtimes to one per day – and we do not offer group play – so that our employees will have more time to spend with their families.
  • PetSuites reserves the right to alter playtime selections based upon a guest’s response to an activity and/or inclement weather.
  • There are some breed restrictions in our group play.

Feline boarding activities at PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa