Boarding - What to Expect

Great Expectations: Unearthing What to Expect Before and After Your Pet’s Experience

Vaccinations: Proof of the appropriate vaccinations is critical because each pet’s health is our top priority. We strongly recommend that your fax or email vaccine histories well in advance of your stay so that any issues can be identified and remedied quickly. In order to enjoy our boarding amenities, we will require that your dog be up to date on his/her Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies vaccinations. Our Louisville location requires that your dog have an up to date Canine Influenza series. Your kitty should be up to date on his/her FVRCP and Rabies vaccines.

Diet: Nobody wants to have a tummy ache on vacation! You can minimize your pet’s risk by packing their regular diet for his or her stay.

Check-Ins: We want your pet to have a great vacation! Please allot time at your check in to provide essential information that will ensure an epic experience. This will include feeding and medication instructions, playtime and grooming requests, and contact information in the unlikely event of an issue during the stay.

Goodbyes: This is the hard part, we know! In order to minimize your pet’s stress, we do ask that you keep your goodbyes brief, upbeat, and in the lobby. It is best if your pet walks away from you rather than vice versa.

Report Cards: We will verbally review your pet’s stay with you at the time of check out. Feel free to call for updates in between! If we forgot to mention anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Treats During your Pet’s Stay: Please bring a reasonable amount of treats that mirrors your pet’s diet while at home. Remember, the mere excitement of new surroundings can have an impact on your pet’s tummy, and we don’t want to exaggerate the effect by piling on an unusual quantity of treats.

Treats After your Pet’s Stay: We know it is tempting to lavish your pet with treats upon his or her return home. While we understand that your reunion is cause for celebration, we would ask that you exercise caution. Often the excitement of seeing mom or dad again in conjunction with rich, unusual treats can wreak havoc on a tummy.

Water Intake: Though we make water readily available throughout the entire stay, the enthusiasm with which your pet greets you in conjunction with an exciting car ride may leave your pet feeling more thirsty than usual. Don’t be concerned if he or she seems thirsty when you finally arrive home.

Energy Level: We offer a level of activity and excitement that we hope (for your sake) is not available in your home. As such, you can expect that your pooch or kitty will be tired upon his/her return home.

Safety: In order to keep everyone safe, we cannot offer lodging services to any pet that is wearing a head cone. Additionally, your pet will not be able to stay the night if he/she has a bandage, stitches, is in heat or has any type of contagious condition. Likewise, your pet will need to be flea free.

Health Issues: More than anything, our pet loving staff is here to help! If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s visit whether before or after the stay, please don’t hesitate to contact us!