Boarding - Health Assurance

PetSuites offers peace of mind with our Health Assurance Program. This option can be added to your pet's boarding stay during the check in process. For a nominal fee, it covers your pet's entire stay. Ask about it today.

Health Assurance Information 


Coverage is effective and binding only if the Pet Owner complies with each of the following:

1. The pet must be older than 5 months of age, and younger than 10 years of age.

2. All required vaccinations and shots must be administered at least one week prior to boarding.

3. Any pre-existing conditions are not covered by this policy.

4. Pet Owner agrees that should the pet become ill, PetSuites has permission to secure examination and treatment of the pet.

5. All non-medical emergencies will be seen by a veterinarian provided by PetSuites (nonmedical emergencies include, but are not limited to: diarrhea, vomiting, hot spots, abrasions, ear infections, etc.)

6. Should the pet require ongoing treatment after the owner has again taken possession, the Pet Owner authorizes their veterinarian to forward a copy of the pet's diagnosis and treatment. These records are required before a claim can be paid.

7. The Pet Owner agrees and authorizes his veterinarian to release copies of the pet's treatment history to PetSuites, either prior to, or after any claim has been settled.

8. Reimbursement under this program will be PetSuites maximum liability and any monies paid by PetSuites to veterinarians or hospitals, will be deducted from any other reimbursement amount.

9. Claims must be filed a maximum of (15) days after the pet has been relinquished from the custody of PetSuites.

10. The aforementioned coverage is the Pet Owner's exclusive remedy in the event of illness, injury, or medical care for a covered pet.


1. Pets under five months of age and 10 years of age or older do not qualify for this program.

2. Illness, injury, or death resulting from a condition that is determined by PetSuites to have existed and either have been known or unknown by the Pet Owner prior to the boarding visit.

3. Any illness or injury that occurs as the result of a seizure.

4. Destructive under quarantine or other government regulation, or by order of any government or public authority.

5. Illness, injury or death of a pet resulting from explosion, fire, flood, extreme weather, property damage or other conditions outside of PetSuites control.

6. Any illness, injury or death as a result of two or more pets boarding together and the result is one pet's action against the other.

7. Any condition that a pet(s) has been vaccinated for including any form of canine cough or parainfluenza shall not be covered by this program.

8. Any illness resulting from parasite infestations including, but not limited to fleas, ticks, mites, etc.

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