Daycare Rates

Our daycare approach is designed to provide you and your pooch options based upon his or her needs. Does he like to play with other dogs? After a successful two part evaluation, sign him up for several hours of group play activity with other social dogs throughout the day. Is your pup more subdued and quiet? No problem as our customized individual play sessions are perfect for those a bit shy or calm. Perhaps, your furry friend would like both options during the day. Sign him up for both an individual and group play session for the day. This flexibility really makes your pet's day special.

At PetSuites, we know that pets have different personalities and energy levels. Our daycare service offers two choices as unique as your pooch. Our knowledgeable customer service team will be glad to help you determine which is the best fit for your furry friend.

Doggie DayPlay Option: DayPlay is ideal for social, canine-friendly pooches that want to play throughout the day. With eight plus hours of play in our large indoor and outdoor play yards, your dog will have a blast and come home well rested.

One Dog Two Dogs Three Dogs
One Visit Any Size $25.00  $37.50   $50.00  
10 Visits Any Size - Package




20 Visits Any Size - Package




Unlimited Monthly Daycare
(Valid from 1st to last day of the month)





Doggie DayBoarding Option: DayBoarding is the perfect combination of playtime, privacy and pampering for people-oriented pooches. This option offers a spacious two-room suite, two play times, multiple potty walks, feedings and medications if needed. This balanced approach is just right for many personalities.

One Dog Two Dogs Three Dogs
One Visit Any Size $30.00 $45.00 $60.00
10 Visits Any Size - Package




20 Visits Any Size - Package




Unlimited Monthly Daycare
(Valid from 1st to last day of the month)




We also offer daycare for our feline friends. Our DayBoarding option offers a 4 level condo with feeding, individual playtime and lots of love during the day.

While doggie daycare is ideal for those that work long hours, there are so many other reasons for doggie and kitty daycare. Here are just a few:

  • Open Houses: It's a great way to keep your pets safe and content while you are busy.
  • Holiday Guests: This way you can keep the turkey and side dishes safe from hungry pups.
  • Trial Run: Daycare is a great way to try us out and get your pup or cat acquainted with our loving staff before your big trip.
  • Home Repairs: Drop off your pet for the day so that you can relax while the repairs are happening in your home.
  • Day Trips: With our convenient hours, you can drop off your pet at 6:30 am and pick up by 8:00pm if you need to spend the day away. Rest assured, our guests will have food, fun and playtime while with us for daycare.
  • DaySpa: If you'd like for your pooch to participate in daycare and get a full service bath or groom the same day, reserve a DaySpa appointment. Your pet will come home well rested and looking great. Ask about our special DaySpa rate when booking daycare and grooming in the same day. It's so convenient!







Cat Condo (max. 2)



Cat Villa (max. 4) 





Daycare defined as same day checkin/checkout. Daycare rates and program is not available to overnight boarding guests.