Daycare Activities

What better way for your dog to spend the day then by bringing him to PetSuites for some carefree play. We offer a variety of options for your dog throughout the day. For those that choose to be the life of the party PetSuites Norcross resort offers a DayPlay option complete with 8+ hours of group play. This is ideal for those rambunctious pups that want to pal around with their friends and socialize. All DayPlay guests also receive ample time to rest, relaxation and have a snack before heading back out to start their next group play session. Expect your pooch to come home well rested and ready to snooze. 

We also offer our DayBoarding option which includes an assortment of activities for those guest that prefer to have more of the one on one experience with our staff. It's also ideal for pooches that need a little extra individualized care. Regardless of the playtime that you and your dog decide on, your pup will come home happy, healthy and content. This great option allows your pooch to rest in his own two-room suite so he can eat and nap in private. We also administer provided medications with this option. DayBoarding is also the perfect solution to those canines that are little "ruff" around the edges when it comes to playing with other dogs. We offer this balanced approach option where your pooch can have an entertaining day at PetSuites full of pampering and playing with people. This is a unique offering of PetSuites that most daycare and boarding resorts do not have.