Daycare - Daily Schedule

We want PetSuites to be the best part of your dog's day!

At PetSuites, we recognize that each pet is an individual. Our Roswell daycare offers two unique schedules that recognize pets have different personalities, energy levels and needs.

Our DayBoarding balanced approach offers an opportunity for snacks, snoozing and hands- on play with our loving pet care staff. This is ideal for the calm, elderly or people- loving pooch. We can also administer medications and special feedings during his day.  This is also the purrfect option for our feline friends.  

For the party animal or social butterfly, our DayPlay option is just the ticket. With 8+ hours of outdoor and indoor playtime with other canine-loving pooches, your pup will have a blast in this energetic setting. We also provide nap time and one daily feeding in a climate controlled area so that your dynamic friend can recharge his batteries.

For those days, when the weather is just plain crummy, we’ll use our beautiful indoor play area for our daycare guests. We also offer free group play evaluations for most breeds. Please call us today to get your pooch started in our daycare program. It's the best paw-ty in town.