DayBoarding - Daily Schedule

We want PetSuites to be the best part of your dog's day!

At PetSuites, we recognize that each pet is an individual. Our daycare schedule is designed to meet the needs of all guests including couch potatoes and party animals. Our balanced day approach allows ample opportunity for snacks and snoozing to ensure each pup remains fresh and energized for playtime with friends - be they two or four legged! 

Here's a sample of our DayBoarding schedule:

  • Morning outside potty break
  • Breakfast! (We have several varieties of IAMS or you may bring your own pre-packaged portions)
  • Morning nap in their own private suite
  • Mid-morning outdoor group or individual playtime (*weather permitting)
  • Back to the suite for a mid-day nap
  • Afternoon outdoor group or individual playtime (*weather permitting)
  • Dinner, if requested
  • After-dinner potty break (If still at Daycare)

*If it’s just too rainy or stormy to play outside, we’ll use our beautiful indoor play area.

For DayPlay, we suggest you drop off your pooch by 9am to get the most out of his stay. He will be matched with canine friends and play the day away in our large outdoor and indoor play yards. We've got play equipment and pools for the warm weather. We do offer a once daily feeding at 4pm. Please bring pre-packaged dinner or we will serve our Iams products. Please do not bring any toys or blankets as our guests are in a community setting. We do not administer medications during DayPlay visits.