Daycare - What to Expect

Great Expectations: Unearthing What to Expect Before and After Your Pet’s Daycare Experience

  • Vaccinations: Proof of the appropriate vaccinations is critical because each pet’s health is our top priority. To participate in our PetDay daycare, your dog will need to have proof of a current Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccination.
  • Diet: Nobody wants to have a tummy ache at their playdate! As such, we do recommend you bring prepackaged portions of your dog’s regular diet if he or she will be receiving meals during the day.
  • Report Cards: If you decide to have your pup evaluated for Group Play, you will receive a report card detailing the evaluation. Our pet loving team will verbally review your pet’s experience on all subsequent daycare visits.
  • Energy Level: We offer a level of activity and excitement that we hope (for your sake) is not available in your home. After a day of play, you can expect your pup will be ready to curl up and enjoy a lazy evening with you!
  • Group Play Participation: Please understand that in order for your pet to participate in group play, he/she must be spayed or neutered and pass our two part evaluation. We also have some breeds that we feel are best suited to individual play with one of our fun (and pet!) loving staff members. Please feel free to call your location of choice to discuss your pet’s playtime options.
  • Health/Safety: In order to keep everyone safe, we cannot offer daycare services to any pet that is wearing a head cone. Additionally, your pet will not be able to participate if he/she has a bandage, stitches, is in heat or has any type of contagious condition. Likewise, your pet will need to be flea free.
  • DayCare Charges: Our DayCare services are based on a same day check in and check out. As such, it is not possible to convert the last day of a boarding stay into a day of daycare.
  • Health Issues: More than anything, our pet loving staff is here to help! If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s daycare experience, please don’t hesitate to contact us!