Daycare - Health Assurance

In the unlikely event that your pet would become injured while spending the day with us we do offer a PetSuites Daycare Pet Assurance Program for you peace of mind.

The PetSuites Daycare Pet Assurance Program provides up to $250 of veterinarian care for any injuries that occur during their daycare visits. This program does not cover pre-existing conditions whether known or unknown and may not be purchased for pets over 10 years of age. All charges above $250 are pet owner's responsibility and will be paid when you pick up your pets. This program also covers any action of my pet(s) that may cause injury to another pet(s). To pay any claim, pet owner must authorize PetSuites to receive any information that they request from my veterinarian. Injuries must be reported to PetSuites within 24 hours of a daycare visit.

Remember, with all the frolicking and romping around in a group play setting, an occasional scratch, pulled muscle or nip may occur. While we monitor all group play groups, PetSuites is not responsible for injuries and illnesses unless the Health Assurance Plan is purchased for each daycare visit (Health Assurance Plan doesn’t cover Canine Cough/Bordetella). Ask a customer service representative for all exclusions of the Health Assurance Program.