The Salon Experience

A clean pet is a happy pet! PetSuites is proud to talk about our popular PetSpa. Our professional groomers bath and groom all breed dogs 7 days a week. We groom both boarding pets and non-boarding pets throughout the year. Please call for a grooming appointment and ask about our new premium PetSpa Packages including the Platinum Pooch, Diamond Dog and Silver Saver options.

We have a variety of grooming add-on services such as the Furminator deluxe de-shedding service, dental hygiene packages, deep coat conditioning, blueberry facials and so much more. And best yet, our pet stylists are loving and compassionate during the grooming process.

Why should you keep your pet on a consistent, grooming or bathing schedule?

A consistent, regular grooming plan not only makes your pet look and smell wonderful, but carries many health benefits:

  • Regular bathing improves your pet’s physical comfort by removing dirt, excess oil, dry skin, shedding hair, and parasites. Proper coat care prevents matting and other secondary conditions that could compromise your pet’s health.
  • Regular nail trims prevent a painful condition whereas the nerve and blood supply extends into long, overgrown nails and also helps prevent damage to carpets and hardwood floors.
  • Shaving and cleaning your pet’s paw pads removes hair where mats, burrs, salt and other foreign objects can become lodged.
  • Ear cleaning discourages parasites (ear mites) and bacterial growth that can lead to painful infections.

What should you and your furry friend expect during the PetSpa Experience?

For boarding dogs or cats, our Pet Stylists will introduce themselves to your pet before starting the grooming or bathing process. They will be escorted in the bathing room where your pet's coat, skin and ears are examined. A thorough wash is given to your pet with shampoo chosen for their particular skin and coat condition. Nails are trimmed and ears cleaned on every pet with either the bath or the groom appointment. Grooming (Hair cutting) is performed to your specifications. Your pet is thoroughly dried and styled before being escorted back to his or her freshly cleaned room.

We also offer full service grooming and bathing for NON-BOARDING guests. Please call at least two weeks in advance for an appointment as we book up quickly during peak times. We ask that all guests arrive by 9am to begin the process. Our groomers then have time to access the time it will take to complete the groom. Our PetStylists will give you a call when your gorgeous pet is ready for pick up. Want your pup at a certain time? Please ask the morning of drop off and we will try to accommodate you. Please give an average of 4 - 5 hours for each appointment. Unlike people getting their hair cut and styled, pets take a good deal longer because we are basically giving a haircut, pedicure, ear exam and more all in one appointment. Quality takes time but rest assured your pet will look and smell divine when you pick him up.

Would you like to combine a groom with a fun filled daycare stay? Ask about our DaySpa Service. It's great for those that are busy during the day. You can drop off as early as 6:30 am and pick up as late as 8pm. Your pet is treated to groom or bath, playtimes, potty walks, fresh water and a spacious two room suite all for one great price. Pricing is based upon breed so call for details today.

Bathing and grooming services available at PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa


Our baths include the following:

  • Hand wash with lots of love!
  • Nail trim – filing upon request
  • Premium shampoo
  • Ear cleaning
  • Thorough brush-out
  • Cologne
  • Bandana or bow
  • Glands expressed upon request


Our grooms include the following:

  • Hair cut to breed or owners specifications!
  • Nail filing upon request
  • Hand-washed with lots of love!
  • Ear cleaning
  • Premium shampoo
  • Cologne
  • Thorough brush-out
  • Glands expressed upon request
  • Bandana or bow

Spa Services

Treat your pet to one or more of our add-on services to a bath or grooming:

  • Deep-coat conditioning
  • Nail polishing
  • Flea and tick treatments
  • Dental Hygiene Package
  • Specialty shampoos
  • Extra brush-out or de-shedding

Please remember up to date vaccinations are required for all PetSpa guests.

Spa services available at PetSuites Pet Resort & Spa