At PetSuites, our standard is rave reviews

We like to think we hit the mark more often than not, and these folks seem to think so too...

"I have been very happy with the Louisville Petsuites, my dogs always seem to have the best of care and the employees are the great. I wouldn't go anywhere else!" 
Diane Rinnert, Louisville Resort

"My dogs have never been away from us so we started with the day care and plan to work up to overnight and eventually a week when we are out of town. I have been very satisfied with every aspect of Pet Suites so far. My dogs do not get stressed when we go there – amazing." 
Deborah Ramsey, Erlanger Resort

“It was the first time I had ever boarded a pet and I was reluctant at first. However, upon my first visit to the suites, we were greeted and treated kindly and professionally. We called almost daily to check on the pet and someone was always more than willing to go check his notes and respond back how the pet was doing. We were amazed with Erin and her overly kind staff and have been recommending your suites to everyone we talk to. I cannot express how much more comfortable our vacation was knowing that the beloved pet was in the best hands possible.” 
Jason Auton, Erlanger Resort

"PetSuites is the BEST boarding facility we have ever used for our furry kids, Scarlet and Lucy! One of the first things I noticed was how clean it looks and smells! The kennels offer tons of space with doggy doors for our pups to run through to the other side (unlike other places that just have metal crates). The staff are highly respectable professionals who have treated my pups as their own each time we visit. They keep a running chart to track the pup's behavior during their stay, and give me a full report when I come to pick up. They also provide grooming services, teeth cleaning, and different types of play time, which is so convenient! Talk about "bang for your buck!" I want to note that the General Manager, Rachel Mosley, is unlike any professional I've ever met before - she is respectful, intelligent, and always has a smile on her face. She genuinely cares about all of the clients and furry guests, and that is reflected in her care of our pups. It's comforting to know that there is a strong supervisor on watch while my pups are away from me. Scarlet and Lucy just love her and all the other staff! An animal will tell you through their behavior how they feel about something. I've been to kennels where my dogs are shaking when I drop them off and pick them up. Lucy and Scarlet are smiling and bouncing all over the place for joy at PetSuites! Lucy actually pulls on her leash to go back to their kennel! "See ya later, Mom!" Clearly, I can't say enough good things about PetSuites!" 
Joanna Little, Worthington Resort

“Misty loves to visit PetSuites. All of the staff know her by name and she wags her tail when walking in to stay. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable that I feel very safe leaving her in their care. The trainer lets us know which play times she likes the best so Misty can get the most out of her stay. Thank you for taking such fantastic care of Misty.” 
Ryan Williams, Lexington Resort

“I have loved the secure and happy feeling of leaving my little girl, Sweet Pea, at PetSuites. Not only do I feel confident and safe leaving her there, she does exceptionally well and comes out happy and bouncing off of the walls with excitement! (This from a normally docile Cockerpoo.) Sadly I am moving to Albequerque, NM this coming week and there are no PetSuites there…PLEASE build a PetSuites in Rio Rancho, NM soon!!! We will be your first and most loyal customers. PLEASE! Thank you!” 
Scott Foppiano, Indianapolis Resort

"I took my cat to the new Gahanna/New Albany location. I had been taking her to 2 other different places and thought they were okay but wish they treated the cats a little more like they treat the dogs. Well, this location was wonderful at that! They really care about the cats and give them extra TLC and really listen to what you tell them. The room was nice and spacious and very 'cat friendly' and you could not hear the dogs. Normally when I get my cat back it takes her a bit of time to warm back up b/c she hates going to other places for a while. When I got her back, it took all of 5 mins and she was herself. She seemed to have a good time. We will be going back for sure!" 
Kim, Gahanna Resort

“I’ve been very satisfied with the PetSuites in Louisville, KY. When I began searching for a kennel for Lucky (beagle) who was a rescue dog, I was looking for something exceptional. Cleanliness and pet care are my main concerns and I would recommend PetSuites to anyone who values peace of mind! Thanks for the exceptional service and professionalism your staff has given my pet.” 
Pam Wilder, Louisville Resort

"Petsuites is the best kennel we've been to yet! From the beginning, we loved the detailed tour and cleanliness of the facility. They provide food and clean the kennels every time the dog leaves for group play or for potty breaks. Whenever we call, they know exactly who our dogs are and are so excited to have them back! I agree with the other reviews they feel like our dogs are their dogs and we are all family. We also love hearing the details of their visit when we pick them up. Each time one of them has a new friend "girlfriend/boyfriend as we call it". I think our dog Llyod is buddies with Lola below! We have Lloyd, Harry and Violet who cry and jump around as soon as we say "we're going to the Hotel!". Thank you Petsuites for your extraordinary service!" 
Scott Huffman, Worthington Resort

“Prior to moving to the Cincinnati area, I had only boarded my pets at the vet hospital I worked for, so my concern was finding a facility that would meet my pets needs as well as mine. I could not be happier with your boarding facility. It’s clean, bright and very welcoming. I feel very confident that my pets are cared for and would not hesitate to recommend this facility.” 
Debbie and Kevin Ford, Erlanger Resort

“They are LOVING, RESPONSIBLE, PROFESSIONAL, CARING and everyone I have met treats Jake & Smokey just like they were their own kids. The whole team has become an extended part of our family and we feel lucky that we found them! They have taken a huge stress off of us being that we can do what our jobs require of us and take care of Jake & Smokey’s needs at the same time.” 
Brandy Lacy, Indianapolis Resort

“PetSuites Dayton was beautiful! Sounds silly, but it was so nice to walk into the facility. The ‘kennel’ part did not smell like it was a kennel, kept very clean. Glad to know that my dog was staying indoors unless taken out for play/potty. Best nail trim/cut he’s ever had! Its a 30 minute drive to PetSuites from our home but it was worth it. Loved to hear the feedback at his pickup, showed he really was monitored, which is great with a dog that has some separation issues!” 
Amy Hopper, Dayton Resort

“We LOVE PetSuites! We are very impressed with the staff’s attentiveness and knowledge. We know that Comet will be well-cared for while we’re away, with little stress for us and him. We couldn’t be happier with the accommodations and have recommended your services to friends and neighbors!” 
Pam Scharfenberger, Sharonville Resort

“This is a way overdue letter, Bear-Bear passed away October 23, 2008. Her last visit was last June 2008 which at that time the staff and I shared some stories over the years about Bear, we somehow knew this would be her last visit. I could have not asked for better care for Bear-Bear. No matter where I was I would call and the staff would go out of their way to tell me all about how she was doing. I highly recommend PetSuites to anyone who truly wants the best care for their pet while they are away. Bear-Bear was 16-1/2 yrs old when she passed away and I call to inform PetSuites which they took very hard. It’s not until now that I can even talk about her, she is truly missed and Peggy you are the greatest. If I should ever get another pet I will without hesitation use PetSuites. This has been truly a loss for me and I remember the day she passed away the first people I called was PetSuites and they grieved right along with me. You are the best! I know my furry friend loved you all as well, thanks for the care you provided for her over the years.” 
Shirley Kiskaden, Erlanger Resort

“Just wanted to let you know how much have really enjoyed and appreciated PetSuites over the past few months we’ve been using the services. It is comforting to have a place like PetSuites for times when we travel, need daycare for the day and the wonderful grooming service. Our dog, Bijou, loves to go the “doggie hotel”. Everyone there treats her like royalty. The groomer does a wonderful job and if we need to make any change they are willing to accommodate. We have recommended PetSuites to our family and friends and all have been more than happy with the service.” 
Kathy Kappes, Indianapolis Resort

"When we started packing the car, out dog got in it and would not get out. He knew he was going to Pet Suites! When we arrived he could not get inside fast enough. We knew he must have gotten great care at his previous visit because he was so happy to be going back. The experience made it so much easier to leave him knowing he was happy and in good hands." 
Lisa Rinninger, Erlanger Resort