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Our pets may provide us with unconditional love, but sometimes they just don’t understand that we have to leave the house every now and then! Bored or anxious pets may start chewing on the favorite sweater you left on the couch, or jump onto the shelves where you keep your great grandmother’s precious vase. Why leave them unattended at home when you can bring them to PetSuites in Columbus, Ohio?

We understand that being a pet-parent isn’t always easy, and it’s our mission to relieve some of your stress by providing high-quality pet boarding, doggy daycare, and grooming services. Dogs may be man’s best friend, but PetSuites is a close second! Pet owners turn to us for professional, reliable, and outstanding service, and and their furry friends love visiting us time and time again. Stop by today to see why we’re the leader of the pack when it comes to pets!

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    Let the pets have their day while you’re away! At PetSuites, our boarding accommodations some of the best in the industry. How do we know? We like to think the constant tail wagging, barking, and general drooling smiles are a good indicator.

     WeightSingle DogDouble DogTriple Dog
    Small Suite 3x10<35 lb.$28.00$42.00$56.00
    Medium Suite 3x1335-85 lbs.$31.00$46.50$62.00
    Large Suite 4x1485-250 lbs.$34.00$51.00$68.00
    X-Large Suite 5x14>250 lbs. $36.00$54.00$72.00
    Townhouse 6x8<60 lbs.$41.50
    Penthouse 8x12>60 lbs. $47.50$71.25$94.50
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo 36 CU. FT$20.50$30.75N/A
    Cat Villas$28.00$42.00$56.00

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    Imagine your precious pup sitting all alone at home while you’re at work. Now picture them making new friends, sniffing out places to dig, playing fetch, and getting several “Who’s A Good Boy?”’s from the PetSuites staff. Now that’s something to bark about!

     One DogTwo DogsThree Dogs
    One Visit Any Size$24.00$36.00$48.00
    10 Visits Any Size - Package$220.00 ($22.00/day)$330.00 ($33.00/day)$440.00 ($44.00/day)
    20 Visits Any Size - Package$410.00 ($20.50/day)$615.00 ($30.75/day)$820.00 ($41.00/day)
     One DogTwo DogsThree Dogs
    One Visit Any Size$27.00$40.50$54.00
    10 Visits Any Size - Package$250.00 ($25.00/day)$375.00 ($37.50/day)$500.00 ($50.00/day)
    20 Visits Any Size - Package$470.00 ($23.50/day)$705.00 ($35.25/day)$940.00 ($47.00/day)
     Single CatDouble CatTriple Cat
    Cat Condo (max. 2)$16.00$24.00N/A
    Cat Villa (max. 4) $23.50$35.25$47.00

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    Is your pooch looking a little ruff? Let our certified groomers give your pup a much needed makeover! With specially formulated shampoos, nail trims, and a fresh haircut, they’ll be Westminster-ready in no time!

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PetSuites is the BEST boarding facility we have ever used for our furry kids, Scarlet and Lucy! One of the first things I noticed was how clean it looks and smells! The kennels offer tons of space with doggy doors for our pups to run through to the other side (unlike other places that just have metal crates). The staff are highly respectable professionals who have treated my pups as their own each time we visit. They keep a running chart to track the pup’s behavior during their stay, and give me a full report when I come to pick up. They also provide grooming services, teeth cleaning, and different types of play time, which is so convenient! Talk about “bang for your buck!” I want to note that the General Manager, Rachel Mosley, is unlike any professional I’ve ever met before – she is respectful, intelligent, and always has a smile on her face. She genuinely cares about all of the clients and furry guests, and that is reflected in her care of our pups. It’s comforting to know that there is a strong supervisor on watch while my pups are away from me. Scarlet and Lucy just love her and all the other staff! An animal will tell you through their behavior how they feel about something. I’ve been to kennels where my dogs are shaking when I drop them off and pick them up. Lucy and Scarlet are smiling and bouncing all over the place for joy at PetSuites! Lucy actually pulls on her leash to go back to their kennel! “See ya later, Mom!” Clearly, I can’t say enough good things about PetSuites!

Joanna L.

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