Means Caring

Your pet isn’t like your family, they are your family! Whether you’re on vacation or just want to give them a place to play for the day, you can be confident that the professionals at PetSuites will treat your pet with the love they deserve. Hugs, treats, toys, rubs – PetSuites means caring, and it means always knowing that your best friend is in good hands.

Trusted Across the Country

No matter where you are or where you’re going, there’s a PetSuites waiting for you! Our clean facilities, unique play areas, and dedication to our guests provides something that both our human and furry clients can appreciate. It’s not easy trusting your pet with just anybody, so turn to the pet boarding facility that’s trusted all across country!

23 Locations – Serving Our Furry Friends


Home sweet PetSuites! When your beloved pet can’t stay at home, nothing beats playtime, gourmet treats, cuddle time, or the clean, comfortable rooms at PetSuites. We provide a fun, exciting, and most importantly, caring environment where your furry friend can play (or sleep) away the day rather than wreaking havoc when they’re home alone!


From bouncing pups to sleepy felines, Daycare at PetSuites has something to offer everyone! Under the supervision of our professional staff, your pet will get to run, play, sniff out new friends, relax in the sun, or just get some shut-eye in our climate controlled suites. If you’re looking to give your pet the ultimate playdate, then look no further!


We love of our pets, but not the messes they tend to get into! After playing in the rain or simply just getting smelly over time, you can count on our certified groomers to treat your four legged friend to a luxurious and much needed day at our PetSpa! Not only will they look and smell great, regular bathing contributes to their overall health!

Dog Approved

You work hard to give your dog the best of everything, so why settle for anything less when it comes to doggy daycare or boarding? Your dog is an individual and you can be confident that they’ll be treated like one when they’re with us! Whether your pet loves playing with others or prefers to keep to themselves, they’ll receive a level of care that is tailored to their personality and needs. Stop worrying about what they’re doing to your furniture while you’re away and bring them to PetSuites where they can bark, fetch, chew, and have a true Dog’s Day Out with some new friends!

Cat Loved

Cats may be known for their reserved nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get bored or lonely when you’re gone! If you’re tired of coming home to chewed up houseplants, items knocked off the counter, and cabinets left wide open from your curious friend getting into what they shouldn’t, then consider boarding with PetSuites! Our feline-loving staff and luxurious kitty condos will make your cat feel like true royalty. With windows for sunbathing and plenty of space to climb, you get to relax while you’re away, and so do they!