Pet boarding with PetSuites of America Pet Boarding

Spacious Accomodations

At PetSuites, we offer some of the most spacious accommodations in our industry. We have several sizes and types of rooms for both our canine and feline friends. Our resort is completely climate controlled, with lots of natural light and music playing throughout, allowing your pet to vacation in ultimate comfort.


We have a variety of rooms to fit your pooch's size and personality. We board by total weight and even our small suite comfortably fits up to 35 pounds. Whether you are owned by a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, PetSuites has the perfect option for you. Check out our two room suites or our luxury options such as the townhouse and penthouse. Each room is thoroughly cleaned daily with hospital-grade disinfectant. We pride ourselves on exceptionally clean rooms. Stop by for a tour because smelling is believing! Our spacious two-room suites come complete with full-service housekeeping, and three potty breaks. We provide lamb’s wool bedding to all of our guests, or you can bring your own belonging. Bring whatever you think will make your furry kid's stay most comfortable. Our townhouses and penthouses offer comfort and luxury all in one great space. Each comes with a raised toddler-style bed, flat screen TV tuned to Animal Planet, privacy walls, and a choice of group play w/ other social dogs or an individual playtime with one of our loving staff. Just like our suites, these luxury rooms come with room service including feeding, snacks and daily housekeeping.


PetSuites award-winning four-level cat condos provide your cat space to explore. Each condo also contains unique views to entertain your curious cat throughout the day. Our four level design includes comfy beds and privacy doors to make your feline's vacation a delightful experience. His food and water are on a separate level so he can dine in an ultra clean environment. Our CatSuites play room has plenty of light, tons of toys and entertainment galore for your fun-loving feline.

Our award-winning kitty condos are the cat's meow. Our feline guests have four levels to explore and are 36 cubic feet large. You'll be hard pressed to find kitty accommodations more spacious than ours. Our CatSuites play room has plenty of light, tons of toys and entertainment galore for your fun-loving feline.

Our condo style rooms offer two different views. Our window views are ideal for avid bird watchers, and our aquarium-style views are fun for those who like to lounge around and gaze at the fish. Either view will leave you kitty entertained for hours. Either of these room options can accommodate up to two felines. Some of our resort locations also offer HUGE cat villas. This is the puuuurrfect setup for those that have multiple felines at home. Villas come complete with deluxe beds and ladders for climbing, these rooms are like the Taj Mahal for kitties. Ask a customer service representative for details regarding room options.