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Since the first PetSuites opened in Erlanger, KY in 2000 we have loved and cared for your pets like they were our own. In 20 years there’s been a lot of happy wagging-tails, plenty of snuggles, and soooo many belly rubs.​

 ​The team giving exceptional pet care, making those tails wag, and giving the snuggles and belly rubs have kept us going strong for 20 years. Many of our teammates have been with us since the very beginning.  Some started working at our resorts and moved up to a leadership role. It is their caring, hard work, dedication, and love for pets that keep our Pet Parents coming back and attracts new Pet Parents every day. So, for this, we raise a paw and salute the team members that have been with us for years.  Read some of their stories and favorite memories below. 

Erin Fischer at PetSuites of America

Erin Fischer

I have worked at PetSuites since: 2001 (19 years)​

My role:  “I started at PetSuites Erlanger in 2001 as a host, working nights while in Vet Tech school. I’m now the operations leader overseeing new PetSuites openings.”​

My favorite memory of working at PetSuites: “This is a memory and experience I will never forget. One of our guests, Bear, a Briard, was staying with us while his Pet Parent was out of the country. He was acting off and thanks to the experience of my team they spotted the signs of early stage bloat. I rushed him to the emergency clinic and was able to save his life. However, the clinic couldn’t keep him during the day so I had to transport Bear back and forth from our resort to the clinic for four days until his Pet Parent returned from his trip. When he came to pick up Bear, he cried in the lobby about the love and care that his dog received. He said that he would never have expected for someone to take care of Bear the way he would. When Bear passed away, he brought his new dog to PetSuites and immediately started talking about Bear to all the new employees and customers in the lobby and how we saved his life and he’d never even consider taking his dogs anywhere else. This shows how we truly care for pets as if they are our own, and we’re always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience and always go that extra mile for our guests and Pet Parents.”​

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Allison Porter at PetSuites of America

Allison Porter

I have worked at PetSuites since: 2000 (20 years)​

My role:  “I’ve been with PetSuites since the very beginning.  I started as a groomer at the PetSuites Erlanger, KY location in Sept. 2000 and I am still here, taking care of my guests with the same care and passion.”​

My favorite thing about working at PetSuites: “I’ve seen the company grow from a small business to now almost 40 locations and it’s been an honor to be a part of that journey. I’ve been privileged to work with amazing people in my time with PetSuites, especially my fellow groomers at Erlanger. But above my fabulous team mates, it’s all about the pets. The care and love that we provide to our guests is the best thing about working here. We are truly “Pet Lovers Delighting Pet Lovers” and we’re always looking for ways to enhance the guest experience and we deliver exactly what we say we will, and then some.  It’s truly been my pleasure and I’m excited about the next 20 years!”​

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Deidre Lewis at PetSuites of America

Deidre Lewis

I have worked at PetSuites since: 2001 (19 years)​

My role: “I started as a technician 8 months after the first PetSuites opened in Erlanger, KY. I was there for about a year and a half and left to learn how to be a groomer. I came back in 2004 and have been a groomer at PetSuites, Erlanger ever since.”​

My favorite memory of working at PetSuites: “In Erlanger, we are close to the Cincinnati Airport so we care for a lot of the TSA dogs.  One in particular stands out.  His name was Doodad and he was so awesome and just the sweetest. I loved every morning when he was there, he’d be so excited to see me and would greet me so happily.”​

My favorite thing about working at PetSuites: “As a groomer, I see some dogs in pretty bad shape. During COVID it was especially bad because people weren’t able to get their dogs groomed. But, my job is to transform these dogs from dirty messes to pretty, clean pups.  Every day I get to come to work, see regular guests and meet new dogs and each day is like a new adventure and I love it.”

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Misty Stevens at PetSuites of America

Misty Stevens

I have worked at PetSuites since: 2006 (14 years)​

My role: “I joined the team at PetSuites Sharonville as a Pet Pro in 2006 and was promoted to shift lead within a month. After 3 years, I was promoted again to Resort Manager at PetSuites Erlanger and then General Manager. I was then given a great opportunity to be the General Manager at the PetSuites Bradenton, FL location. I am currently the General Manager at PetSuites in Sharonville, OH”​

What I love most about PetSuites: “While at PetSuites Bradenton, I was part of the team that helped to safely lift the breed restrictions off group play. My absolute favorite thing about PetSuites is that we accept all breeds of dogs. Other resorts restrict what breeds they will accept, but we welcome them all.  That’s important to me because all dogs and all breeds deserve the same love and care.”

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Betsy Knight at PetSuites of America

Betsy Knight

I have worked at PetSuites since: 2006 (14 years)​

My role: “I started at the original PetSuites Erlanger location and travelled to different locations to help with staff training and I also assisted with grand openings for PetSuites Cypress, and Winter Springs. I worked at Erlanger until I was promoted to Resort Manager for the PetSuites Bradenton location in July of 2018.”​

My favorite memory from working at PetSuites: “One of my fondest PetSuites memories is when I first started at the Erlanger location, I built a connection with a Miniature Pinscher, Emma, who was really aggressive. I built a relationship with Emma and her mom, until we became best buddies! I bought Emma little scarfs and hats to dress her up. Emma helped me fall in love with the smaller breeds because I had always had big dogs that were much tougher to dress up!”​

What I love most about PetSuites: “When I was at PetSuites Erlanger, a few employees created our group play evaluation process and started introducing group play to our guests. Our Manager at the time, Erin Fischer, myself and a few others brought our own pets in to test out how to do group play evaluations. Group play was introduced at Erlanger in the same year they started offering daycare. Up until that point, PetSuites only offered boarding and grooming, so this evaluation process was revolutionary!”​

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Cheryl Stupprich of Petsuites of America

Cheryl (Sissy) Stupprich

I have worked at PetSuites since: May 2004 (16 years)

My favorite thing about working at PetSuites: “Delilah is a little less than 10 lb. Shih Tzu that I have been grooming since she was a baby. Now she is about 15 years old and still one of my favorite guests to see when I come into work! Delilah is the princess of the resort, and just lays there on the desk like an office dog. Delilah had a brother, Daniel, who was about the same age but passed away at age 7, which was very tough for the whole family, especially Delilah. When Delilah lost Daniel, she would be visibly sad when no one would play with her, until she got attention from our staff. Delilah is losing her sight, but her tail wags every time I say her name because she recognizes my voice. I always look forward to the morning process that we go through with her! Because of my job, I have built this incredible relationship with Delilah’s family and many other families over the years. There are ups and downs with everyone, but I love the dogs I groom like they are my own. I cherish the love, family and bond that I have with all of my dogs and their families.”

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Amber Trout at PetSuites of America

Amber Trout

I have worked at PetSuites since: May 2011 (9 years)

My role: “I started my time at PetSuites as a Pet Tech with PetSuites Erlanger, which I did for about 2-3 years before transitioning over to grooming.”​

My favorite memory from working at PetSuites: “During my time as a Tech, I met Emma and Ellie, both little Cavaliers from different families. I’ve always had a soft spot for Cavaliers - they are one of my favorite breeds. Emma loved to come in and cuddle with me during her play time and Ellie always gets super excited when she comes in and gets all wiggly and playful. They are such a pleasure to be around and it always puts a smile on my face when I see them! I love all my guests, but they were some of my favorites and I always looked forward to seeing them come in.”

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Rebecca Tanner at PetSuites of America

Rebecca Tanner

I have worked at PetSuites since: Nov 2010 (10 years)

My role: “I started as a team member at PetSuites Erlanger, and then became GM at PetSuites Hamburg and then PetSuites Charlotte, and now I am a Resort Operations Manager."​

What do you love most about PetSuites: “The pets, of course!  I love that PetSuites was founded on the foundation that the comfort of our guests should always take top priority in managing our business.  I am proud to be part of a company that won’t settle for providing a custodial level of care and truly nurtures our pets who visit us.  We strive to provide kind, loving care and treat our guests as individuals with their own unique needs. Through my 10 years with PetSuites, I always knew that I could do what was best for the precious animals in my care.  I felt empowered to provide the same quality service for my guests that I would expect for my own pet.  As a result, we gained the loyalty and appreciation from our Pet Parents and provided a rewarding work culture for animal lovers on our teams.”​

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Ashly Cappel at PetSuites of America

Ashly Cappel

I have worked at PetSuites since: March 2010 (10 years)

My favorite memory from working at PetSuites: “The day I got to take my current dog Sophie home! Sophie is the sweetest Beagle mix. She was a guest at PetSuites before her Pet Parent needed to find her a new home. Her Pet Parent was a single mom with 2 kids and didn’t think it was fair to keep Sophie chained up or caged all day. I fell in love with Sophie immediately and decided to take her home with me.​”​

What I love most about PetSuites: “I love coming to work at PetSuites every day and seeing our guests. Even when I am having a bad day, there are always excited pups to cheer me up! My favorite current guest is Wolf, a 9-year-old German Shepard. He has been a boarding and daycare guest for about 7 years. He doesn’t really like many people, and his dad knows that not everyone can handle him, but we managed to build a special connection! He always gets excited to see me, and I love playing with him in the yard and taking him on walks.”​

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