We know the safety of your pet is your top priority, it’s ours too. Why worry about what your curious canine or feline friend is doing — when your pet stays with us, they stay safe! Let your furry friend play all day in our super fun play yards before cuddling up with their favorite blanket for the best night’s sleep ever! We offer customizable pet boarding packages to build a comfortable, guilt-free experience for your pet.

Dog Boarding

Sometimes, it’s just a necessity. You can’t bring your best fur-riend along on that business trip, or to that open house…now what? Bring your pooch to PetSuites of America! We give you the power to build your pet’s perfect stay by letting you customize all their boarding options! Choose from group play times, individual play, extra potty breaks or more treats. The undivided attention from our pet-adoring staff will have your pooch bounding with joy all day, leaving them tuckered out and ready to be tucked in for a nice, long sleep!

Cat Boarding

Whether you’re traveling, hosting a party or working longer hours, you should always feel at ease with your pets’ comfort and safety. Our feline boarding offers your kitten a place to get curious, take naps and be supervised under the watchful eyes of our loving PetSuites team. You get to focus on the task at hand, we’ll focus on making sure your cat is getting the quality care they deserve.