Dog Boarding

In a dog’s dream world they get to run around all day, sniff out some new friends, roll around in the warm sun, and nibble on delectable treats. PetSuites is here to turn that dream into a reality. We guarantee your four legged friend will have the time of their life when you board with us! With group playtime in our beautiful outdoor play area, to quiet individual cuddle times with our staff and sweet midday treats, by the end of the day your pooch will be tuckered out and tucked in safely.

Cat Boarding

When the humans are away, the cats will come out to play! Our posh kitty condos and extravagant cat villas are the ideal environment for your cat to climb, jump, sniff, and nap to their heart’s content. Whether they’re energetic thrill seekers with a taste for tuna or sleepy lap cats who don’t think 12 hours is enough, we’ll make sure they’re pampered just like they are at home!


Daily Schedule

  • We begin the day with a morning outside private potty break in one of our spacious outdoor yards.
  • Breakfast time! We have several varieties of IAMS but we prefer you bring your pet’s regular diet if he or she eats something different to avoid any tummy issues.
  • Here comes housekeeping! Every occupied suite is cleaned in order to ensure a sanitized environment. Bedding and toys are checked for cleanliness and laundered as needed.**
  • Mid-morning outdoor group or individual playtime*
  • Back to the suite for a mid-day nap!
  • Lunch time! Lunch is provided upon request. However, for highly active pooches or group play participants, we may substitute a light snack to avoid tummy troubles.
  • Afternoon outdoor group or individual playtime*
  • Late afternoon outside private potty break in one of our spacious outdoor yards.
  • Dinner time!
  • After-dinner private potty break in one of our spacious outdoor yards.
  • Tuck-in Service featuring one last potty break and a special treat*
  • Lights out! We finish the day with bed checks to ensure each guest is resting comfortably prior to our facility closing for the evening.

*These itinerary items denote add-on services that can be added to your pet’s stay for an additional charge to enhance their overall experience.
**Spot cleans are performed throughout the day to ensure your pet’s room will remain tidy at all times.