When the owners are away, the pets will play – or tear up the carpet, or get into your sock drawer, or hop into the neighbor’s yard, or – you get the idea! Our beloved pets can get restless when they’re alone, and they need a supervised place where they can let loose every now and then!

At PetSuites, we’ve taken a holistic approach when it comes to canine care. We’ve created a setting where your pooch can have a healthy, enriching experience all under the supervision of our trained staff. From Great Danes to pudgy Corgis, old dogs learning new tricks and young curious pups, we have the accommodations to treat all of our special guests! Exercise is important to us, and we offer indoor and outdoor play times, both group and individual, to suit your dog’s needs.

Consider doggy daycare to be the ultimate dog park experience where your four legged friend can sniff out new friends or soak up some one-on-one time with a member of the PetSuites staff. Inside, they’ll enjoy our climate controlled suites where they can eat, sleep, and observe the action from the sidelines until they’re ready to hop in!

Each dog is given a two part evaluation before being permitted to join group play sessions in order to ensure their safety and the safety of our other guests. Pets who prefer to spend time alone will receive customized, individual play sessions so they can still get the most out of their stay!

And no, we haven’t forgotten about our feline friends! Whether you’re getting some housework done or simply want to treat them to a luxurious getaway, our daycare options are a treat they’ll remember throughout all nine lives! At PetSuites they can spend the day ruling their own personal kingdom – a 4-level kitty condo purrfect for climbing, jumping, hiding, napping, and sleuthing! Daycare for our feline friends includes feeding and individual play times to ensure everyone returns home in a pawsitively good mood!

Ask one of our customer service representatives today for more details about daycare options and scheduling group play evaluations!

Group Playtime:
Up to 2 hours with a group of party animals!

Individual Playtime:
15-20 minutes outside in their own play yard

Love Me Tender:
15-20 minute individual playtime includes cuddle-time with a playtime associate

Skinny Dip:
15-20 minute outside swim time – May through September

Our feline daycare includes a choice of two of the below activities. Our pet loving staff will provide toys and attention for each two sessions lasting 15 – 20 minutes per activity.

The Lap Cat:
For our furry friends that are purrfectly content with cuddle time. Purrfect for our shy, calm or shall we say… needy…. guests.

Frisky Feline:
Does your kitty love to jump? Love to climb? Let’s get ready to play!

Jacques CATseau:
For those cats with boundless curiosity and energy. Our spacious cat room has got lots of nooks and crannies for your nosy little friend to explore.